Dr. Kanak Rele - An Author

Dr. Kanak Rele - An Author

  • Mohini Attam - The Lyrical Dance by Dr. Kanak Rele.
  • A Handbook of Classical Dance Terminology:Edited by Dr. Kanak Rele.
  • Bhaavaniroopanna - On Indian system of abhinaya by Dr. Kanak Rele.
  • All the three Books have received critical acclaim.

A Documentary Maker "Nritya Bharati"

One of Dr. Kanak's greatest achievements is the video film Nritya Bharati on the seven classical dance styles of India and their shastric base. This has been acquired by the Ministry of External Affairs, Govt. of India as the official capsule to be kept by all the Indian Missions abroad.

A Choreographer

Dr. Kanak has choreographed a vast repertoire of choreographic work apart from Mohini Attam repetoire. Her major dance-dramas are:

Amrut  Manthan : Dance  Drama
Dashavatara : Dance  Drama
Shodashopachara : Dance  Drama
Shree Krishna : Dance Drama by 50 handicapped children.
Leela : Dance Drama by 62 handicapped children.

The following dance-dramas are most popular ones and are being performed regularly nationally as well as internationally.

Santa Vani : Dance  Drama  
Shilappadikaram : Dance  Drama
Kalyani : Dance  Drama
Svapnavasavadattam : Sanskrit play by Bhasa.
Kanchan Mrig : Dance  Drama
Rukmini Svayamvara : Dance  Drama